Why do I keep getting failed tests?

Tips to reduce failed tests

Failed tests are typically the result of an invalid movement or bad zero with your plates.

The most common failed test we come across is the Squat Jump test.  This test is often difficult for athletes on their first try, as they are typically not used to pure concentric muscle recruitment during a jump - their instincts kick in and have them countermove to make use of the stretch shortening cycle. If you notice any downward movement in an athletes F/T curve, the test will fail.  

Tip: cue your athletes to focus on firing their glutes as much as possible

A bad zero is the other main reason why we see failed tests in our system.  Typically, this will present as one of the force time curve lines (typically the left and right) not making it to zero during the flight phase, which triggers the error.  The fix for this is to re-zero your plates.

When re-zeroing your plates, watch the LED on the front of the right plate.  During the zero process it will stay solid green - it is essential that nothing touches the plates while this is taking place, otherwise errors will continue to occur. 


If additional help is needed, please contact techsupport@hawkindynamics.com