Squat Jump Test Setup Guide


  • The Squat Jump test is a useful test for measuring concentric-only force application.
    • Want to learn more about the Squat Jump? Click here.


  • In the app, select “Squat Jump” from the testing menu
    • Have the selected athlete stand on the plates with  their hands firmly attached to their hips



  • Instruct the athlete to assume a self selected squat depth, or starting at a knee angle of 90 degrees flexion
  • Press the play button to start test
  • On the beep and flash cue the athlete to jump straight up with as little countermovement as possible. jumping as high as possible landing back on the plates. 
    • Following each test, press save.
    • Repeat for desired number of tests.

Coaching Cues

  • Cue athlete to get up from squat position as fast as possible.

Test Considerations

  • Athlete must land on plates after jump for results to process and stick the landing for stiffness and landing calculations.
  • It is important to standardize testing protocols in order to accurately compare results, including:
    • Warmup
    • Instructions/intent

Demo Video


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