"Tablet Waiting For Status" Error Message

Are your plates not connecting to your tablet? Resolving the daunting "Tablet waiting for status" error message

You will first just ensure the Hawkin Dynamics application is completely up to date in the Google Play store.
If this alone doesn't resolve the issue please follow the steps below:
  1. Again, open the Google Play Store app, click the account icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen and choose "Manage Apps and Device"
  2. Update all pending updates and then wait for the updates to complete
  3. Open the settings app on the tablet and use the magnifying glass to search for "Reset"
  4. Select - 'Reset Network Settings' - click through until you see a small notification at the bottom that says "Network settings reset"
  5. Reboot tablet - hold the power button and click "Restart"
  6. Reboot plates, and wait until the lights flash BLUE-WHITE-GREEN in a fast pattern
  7. Connect to plates like normal from Hawkin App
  8. Reconnect to your Wifi/Internet network

    This should resolve the issue, but if the error comes back-
  • Click "Disconnect" on the connection screen
  • Swipe down from the top of the tablet to see the menu
  • Tap the WiFi icon to turn off the WiFi then simply wait for 5 seconds
  • Proceed to turn Wifi Back on by tapping the icon so it is highlighted in BLUE
  • Go back to Hawkin App - close the app and open it again and connect like normal.
If you still have issues after running through all of the above steps, please reach out to techsupport@hawkindynamics.com