My left plate isn't showing any data

If you notice that your calculated system weights for bilateral tests is half of what you would expect, or if you are unable to see any feedback on the Force-Time Curve when an athlete steps on the left plate, please follow these steps to determine what's causing the issue. 

  1. Power off the plates, and check the connection between the left and right plate.  Unplug each end and plug them back in, making sure each connector locks into place.  Then power on the plates again and attempt another test. 
  2. If you have a spare inter-plate cable, please swap out the cable you are using and try again
  3. Check the cable for any damage that might be causing a bad connection
  4. Refer to the damage cable guide here to evaluate if you have a bad cable. 
    1. If damage is found, please contact us at to receive a replacement.  Replacement cables are covered if your system is still within the warranty period.  Exceptions are made for cables damaged by gross misuse or negligence.