Multi Rebound Test Setup Guide

Multi Rebound 10/5 Multi Rebound 5/3


  • The multi-rebound is a repeated jump assessment.  The athlete starts by standing still on the force plates and then hopping with both legs continuously during the allotted time. 


  • In the app, select “Multi Rebound” from the testing menu
    • Have the selected athlete stand still on the plates with  their hands firmly attached to their hips
      • If done with arm swing: have the athlete start with their arms fully extended overhead


  • Press the play button to start the test.
  • On the beep and flash cue, the athlete rebound jumps, keeping it predominantly in the ankle with limited knee flexion, landing back on the plates.
    • Instruct the athlete to complete all jumps as continuously as possible. 
      • Use either the 10/5 or 5/3 protocol, make sure to tag this at the beginning of the test.
    • After completion of each test, either save the test or discard and test again. 
  • Repeat for the desired number of tests.

Coaching Cues

* Cue the athlete to jump as high as possible as quickly as possible

Test Considerations

  • More jumps can be added by adjusting the time length for the test by clicking the clock icon above the start test button.
  • Athletes must land on plates after all hops for results to process.
  • It is important to standardize testing protocols in order to accurately compare results, including:
    • Warmup
    • Instructions/intent
    • Duration and number of jumps


  • Some of our users have done this test with a single leg condition.
    • If you'd like to try Single Leg Multi-Rebound, just ensure you use the proper tag. 

Demo Video


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