How do I import athletes from an Excel file?

How to use the import function and template in the Hawkin Cloud

You can add athletes individually in the Hawkin mobile app and the Hawkin Cloud - but did you know that you can import and entire roster at once?  Save time with the import function. 

  1. Login to the cloud at and click "view team" on the appropriate team. 
  2. Click to the "Manage" section of the cloud portal and then click the plus button in the upper right hand corner
  3. A system dialog box will pop up - you can add an individual athlete here - click the import athletes option
  4. Click "Download template" to download an excel .csv file pre-populated with the appropriate headers, input your athletes' information (name, position, photo), return to the Import Athletes dialog and click Import - find the .csv file you've created and import it.

Note: the only field you need to input in the excel file is the name column - you can leave the position and photo columns blank if needed.  To import a photo, insert a link to a photo of each athlete hosted somewhere online. 

If you have questions about importing or need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at