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How do I delete tests?

How to delete tests in the cloud and app

There are a number of ways to delete tests in the Hawkin Dynamics Cloud and in the latest version of the Hawkin Capture App - this article will explain how. 

Deleting tests in the Cloud - Team Dashboard

The first method we will cover for deleting tests can be done from the team dashboard - the first page you see when you click "View Team" after logging in.  On the right hand side of the screen, you will see a list of all of your collected tests in chronological order. 

TIP: You can filter the tests that show up in the test list by clicking the carrot in the upper right hand corner of the screen to expand out the filter menu.  This will allow you to view tests from specific athletes and groups, specific test types, or tests from certain time periods.

To delete tests on this screen:

  1. Pick the tests you'd like to delete and click on the checkbox on the far right hand corner of the screen. 
  2. Click "Edit Tests"
  3. A dialog will pop up - you can choose to change the athlete, edit tags, or delete selected tests.  Click "Delete"

WARNING: Please ensure that you have selected the correct tests and that you are sure you would like to delete.  THIS ACTION CANNOT BE UNDONE

TIP: Did you know you can also change associated tags and athletes on this page? Learn more at this link


Deleting Tests in the Cloud - Session View

Another method for deleting tests is to view a session.  This makes it easy to review and delete bad tests (for example, low effort data) quickly and efficiently without jumping around different screens.   

  1. Go to the Team Dashboard - the first page you see after clicking "View Team" 
  2. Select a session from the session list
  3. On the session page, click the "x" next to a test to delete

Deleting Tests - Test View

If you'd like to delete a test on any other view in the Hawkin Cloud, just look for an "x"


Hawkin Capture App

To delete tests in the Hawkin Capture app:

  1. Login with your credentials and click the "History" button in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select the test you'd like to review/delete from the list.  Tests in the list will be organized by session - scroll down to see older tests.
  3. On the test results page, tap the delete button to delete a previously completed test

Caution: Deleting tests is permanent and cannot be undone.  Please make sure you want to delete your test before undertaking any of these actions. 

If additional help is needed, please contact techsupport@hawkindynamics.com