Free Run Test Setup Guide


  • This is the most open-ended assessment. Simply hit play and record force during a time frame. Adjust the time frame in the settings to extend the duration. Common assessments completed here are the back squat, isometric yielding lunge (looking at standard deviation), and hurdle hops. Use tags to identify and create new assessments. Metrics are more general here as no phases can be calculated. It is important for practitioners to develop their own standardization methods for each test under Free Run to ensure repeatability. 


  • In the app, select “Free Run” from the testing menu
    • Have athlete stand still in the middle of the force plates.
      • Exact set up will vary depending on what movement the athlete will be performing. 


  • Press the play button to start test
  • On the beep, have athlete perform desired movement
  • Manually stop the test after desired movement is completed or wait until the test is completed.
    • Press save after the test is complete.
    • Repeat fro desired number of tests.

Coaching Cues

  • Dependent on movement being performed.

Test Considerations

  • Test length can be adjusted to preference in the “Edit Team” page.

Demo Video

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