Drop Jump Test Setup Guide

Drop Jump Drop Jump + Arm Swing


  • The drop jump often marks the transition from a slow to fast stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) task. That said, it is possible for the drop jump to be a slow SSC task if its performance lasts >0.250 s. Dropping from a platform (or box), the athlete controls their landing by flexing the hip, knee, and ankle joints, ideally stimulating the SSC to maximize the subsequent Propulsive Phase.
    • Want to learn more about the Drop Jump? Click here. 


  • In the app, select “Drop Jump” from the testing menu.
    • Input measured height of the drop jump platform in centimeters or inches (depending on your app settings).
    • If there is no bodyweight automatically registered in the bodyweight box, weigh the athlete and input manually.
    • Have the selected athlete stand on a box directly behind  the plates with their hands firmly attached to their hips.


  • Press the play button to start test
  • On the beep and flash, cue the athlete to step out level to the box and drop to the plates, jumping as high and as quick as possible, landing back on the plates.
    • Press save following each test.
    • Repeat for desired number of tests.
  • This test can also be done with an Arm Swing
    • Follow the same protocol, EXCEPT:
      • Have the selected athlete stand on the box  with their arms fully extended overhead
      • On the beep and flash cue the athlete to throw their arms down on the descent and jump as high as possible landing back on the plates.
      • Tag it " Arm Swing" 

Coaching Cues

  • Instruct athlete to get off of force plates as fast as possible following the drop

Test Considerations

  • Athlete must land on plates after jump for results to process and stick the landing for stiffness and landing calculations.
  • While we recommend having the athlete land on the plates after completing the jump, it is entirely optional.  If the athlete does not land on the plates, landing metrics will simply not be calculated. 
  • It is important to standardize testing protocols in order to accurately compare results, including:
    • Warmup
    • Instructions/intent

Demo Video

  • Drop Jump (Hands on Hips)
  • Drop Jump (With Arm Swing)

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