Countermovement Jump Set up Guide

Countermovement Jump Countermovement Jump + Arm Swing SL Countermovement Jump



  • The countermovement jump (CMJ) is one of the most popular methods of athlete performance testing. It is used primarily to assess neuromuscular function and jumping strategy. 
    • Want to learn more about the CMJ? Click here. 


  • In the app, select “Countermovement Jump” from the testing menu
    • Have the selected athlete stand on the plates with their hands firmly attached to their hips


  • Press the play button to start test.
  • On the beep and flash cue the athlete to  jump as high as possible, landing back on the plates.
  • Ensure that athlete lands on the plates after the jump, and that their hands stay on their hips throughout the jump.
    • After completion of each test, press save.
    • Repeat for desired number of tests.
  • This test can also be done with an Arm Swing
    • Follow the same protocol, EXCEPT:
      • Have the selected athlete stand on the plates with their arms fully extended overhead
      • On the beep and flash cue the athlete to throw their arms down on the descent and jump as high as possible landing back on the plates.
      • Tag it " Arm Swing" 
  • This test can also be done as a Single Leg (SL) test.
    • Follow the same protocol (Hands on hips to start), EXCEPT:
      • When the athlete is standing tall and in position, instruct them to shift onto one limb.
      • Tag it " SL Left or SL Right)


Coaching Cues

  • Cue athlete to jump as high as they can as fast as they can
  • Instruct athletes to jump straight up as high, fast as they can, and not to tuck legs during the ascent.

Test Considerations

  • If the athlete moves upwards prior to unweighing (counter-countermovement) to build momentum and jump higher, coach them to follow proper form, as this will trigger an error in the test.
  • It is important to standardize testing protocols in order to accurately compare results, including:
    • Warmup
    • Instructions/intent

Demo Video

  • Countermovement Jump (Hands on Hips)
  • Countermovement Jump (Arm Swing) 

  • Countermovement  Jump (SL)

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