I used the wrong tag/athlete name, how can I fix it?

How to change the assigned tags or athlete name for a test after the fact.

If you've accidentally tested an athlete under the wrong name in the database (happens to best of us!) - you can fix it easily in the cloud.  

  1. Login to the cloud at cloud.hawkindynamics.com, choose the team/group/athlete you've tested under and click the tests tab. 
  2. Identify which tests were incorrectly tagged/assigned, and click the check box next on the right side of the tests in the test list.  Then click the "Edit Tests" button at the top of the test list. 
  3. On the following dialog page, choose whether you want to change the athlete, change the tags, or disable the tests you selected previously.
  4. Change Athlete
    1. To change the assigned athlete, click the change athlete tab and then select the correct athlete from the drop down.  Click change athlete and wait for it to process.
  5. Change Tag
    1. To change tags, click the change tags tab and then select the tag you would like to add to the test.  If you would like to remove tags from a test, simply leave all tag options unchecked and click "Change Tags."
  6. Disable Tests
    1. To disable tests, click the "Disable Tests" tab and then click the disable tests button. This action will remove tests from view and remove their contribution to any populations.
  1. After you click submit, wait for the changes to take place.  DO NOT close your browser.  If you're making large changes (i.e. changing a lot of tests in one action), the process will take more time.  Wait for it to complete - the process can take up to a few minutes depending on the changes you're making in your database. 

DO NOT close your browser during processing - you'll have to make the changes again if it doesn't complete. 

Tip: if you know that all of your tests were completed on a certain day by a certain athlete's name, you can use the date range filter at the top of the test list to make the process easier.  

Need additional help?

Email: techsupport@hawkindyanmics.com