Which tests are included in the mobile app?

We currently have 7 tests built into our system.

  1. Countermovement Jump (CMJ)
  2. Squat Jump
  3. Drop Jump
  4. Countermovement Rebound Jump
  5. Multi Jump Test
  6. Isometric Test (a tag can be applied to make it the Isometric Mid Thigh Pull)
  7. Free Run

A tag(s) can be applied to each test to make it fully customizable. For example, you can perform a plyometric pushup on the force plates by selecting the CMJ test and applying a 'plyometric pushup' tag. Likewise, if you would only like to perform a pushup on the force plates then simple select the Free Run test and apply a 'pushup' tag.

 A 6-page downloadable PDF explaining each test type is available here.