What is Time To Takeoff?

Time To Takeoff (TTT) is a useful metric to determine how long the athlete is taking to complete the jump. TTT can be calculated in the Countermovement Jump (CMJ) and Squat Jump (SJ).

  • Countermovement Jump TTT = Unweighting Phase Duration + Braking Phase Duration + Propulsive Phase Duration

  • Squat Jump TTT = Propulsive Phase Duration
  • In the Drop Jump, the terminology switches from Time To Takeoff to Ground Contact Time.

Practical Application

  • TTT is very useful in understanding how the athlete generates the movement. Do they load fast and produce the jump? Or do they take a long time to build up force and produce the jump? After jumping and profiling your team you can begin to understand which athletes are "quick" jumpers and which ones are "slow" jumpers. 
  • One is not inherently bad...as it can be expected that a basketball center will take longer time to produce the jump as opposed to a point guard. The center is much taller and demands a larger body size for his position, therefore they have more mass to reverse direction (it will most likely take longer). Point guards are usually quicker and very shifty, therefore their TTT will be shorter in duration.
  • It is best to compare within groups of athletes. I.e. compare your starting center to the rest of the centers on the team. Compare your starting point guard to the backups or younger guys.