What does "In-Development" mean?

Our software evolves continuously.

  • Metric In-Development - We have received a significant number of request to include a new metric. Our research team is exploring the metric as a viable option. Viability criteria include: is research using the metric, the rationale explained by requester with HD Sport Science team, do we have another metric that already explains what the requester is trying to answer? If criteria are met, the metric enters into our development pipeline for the HD Developers to build into the software. A priority level is given to each development request. 🔗Hawkin users can submit request for new metrics here.
  • Report In-Development - We have internally developed a new report that we believe will provide value for the Hawkin Family. It is being fine-tuned by the HD Sport Science team, and being checked by the HD Research team for authenticity & to ensure it meets statistical requirements. 

Need additional help?

Email: techsupport@hawkindyanmics.com