How Do I Connect to my Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates?

Directions for connecting and troubleshooting connection to your plates.

To connect to your Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates, you'll need to have your Hawkin Account set up (This will be done by a Hawkin Support team member prior to your plates arriving) and the Hawkin Capture app installed on an Android device.  Use these credentials to log into your application.

  1. To connect to your plates, start by powering them on by pressing the on/off button on the right plate.  
  2. Wait until the LED indicator light flashes Blue-White-Green in a fast rhythm - this indicates the plates have booted and are in pairing mode. 
  3. Open the Hawkin Capture app and click "Connect"
  4. Wait for the correct plate to show up in the connection dialog and tap it when ready to connect.
  5. Screenshot_20200728-162242
    1. please note, if you find that the plates are turned on but not showing up in the app, restarting the app/device can help re-trigger a device search. 
    2. Plates are organized in the connection dialog by their serial number - you can find your plate's serial number on the side of the left and right plates. 
  6. Once connected, the system status in the upper right-hand corner will change from "Not Connected" to "Connected"
    1. The system will display battery status, battery level, and the current controller version installed on your system.