When should I "exclude weight" with tags?

How to correctly use the "Exclude Weight" option when creating tags

Tags can be created in the app or on the cloud.  In the app, click the price tag icon above the test selector, and choose "manage tags."  In the cloud, click the settings gear in the top right hand corner and choose "Tags," then click the teal plus button to create a new tag.  

When creating a new tag, you must give it a name (typically indicating the condition of the test, ex. Barbell Squat) and have the option to provide a description. 

There is also an option to "Exclude Weight."  This option is meant for tags that indicate a condition where either the athlete has added weight to their body (in the form of a barbell, kettleball, etc), or where the athlete's system weight won't accurately reflect their body weight (i.e. a plyo pushup test with feet on the ground and hands on the plates, run as a CMJ).  This tag option is useful as it will prevent inaccurate weight measurements from affecting the athlete's running body weight in the system.  

We recommend applying tags any time you are having your athlete perform tests under different conditions. 

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