How do I create groups?

How to create groups and organize your athletes in the cloud

Groups are useful for organizing athletes - both during testing and for data analysis.  Groups not only allow you to filter to a specific list of athletes during testing (rather than pulling from a list of all athletes), but also enable you to compare different populations against one another.  

To create groups: 

  1. Login to your cloud account at and pick the appropriate team.  
  2. Navigate to the manage team section of your cloud portal
  3. Under the groups section, click the + button to create a new group
  4. Give your group a name and click submit - your new group will populate in the groups list.  To add players to the group, click the person icon next to each group
  5. In the group management dialog, use the drop down list to pick athletes to add to each group.  You can also type in the first few letters of an athlete's name to find them quicker.  Click the remove button to remove an athlete from a group.

Data flows to groups only AFTER they have been created.  It's recommended that you set up groups the way you want them for comparison population purposes as early as possible.  If you create a group, old data will not flow into it, only data from that point in time forward. 

Athletes can be members of multiple groups