How Do I Collect Data with the Hawkin Capture App?

Basics for understanding how to collect data using the Hawkin Capture App

  1. Power on your force plates and connect using your Android Device
  2. Tap to the Testing Screen in the bottom left hand cornerScreenshot_20200727-140444
  3. Select the test type and any tags by tapping the test type and tag window and expanding the selection drawer.  Tap the top of the drawer to close it. 
  4. Click on the athletes name in the upper left side of the screen to choose a different athlete - please note that you can type letter and numbers to filter, and you can filter by group and team by selecting those options in the search menu. Screenshot_20200727-140210
  5. Once you've selected the correct athlete, test type, and applied any necessary tags, press the play button in the bottom right hand corner to start the test.

You can adjust test lengths and set a time delay for capture by clicking the clock icon above the start test button.