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How do I create new accounts under my organization?

How to add a new user to your system

If you'd like to grant access to your Hawkin Database to another user at your organization, first click on the settings gear in the cloud portal (accessible at cloud.hawkindynamics.com) and select "Manage Users" from the drop-down options. 

Click the teal plus button and provide a name and email address for your new user.  Then select which team you'd like the new user to have access to, and select the user type. If you would like to grant this user access to multiple teams, you'll have to manually add each team to their access list after creating their account.  

Team USERS can manipulate data, but can't create new login accounts.  Team ADMINS can manipulate data AND create new user accounts. 

You CANNOT use the same email address for multiple accounts under different organizations. 

Need additional help?

Email: techsupport@hawkindyanmics.com